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strong relationships,
powerful results


At BlueGrace® Logistics, our customers are the most important part of our business. The relationships we build with them through our freight and logistics services are the reason for our success. Our customers vary from Shipping Managers to CEOs, and we have received flattering reviews from them all.

Here are some genuine testimonials from real BlueGrace customers.

“We most recently closed out our fiscal year 2015 and are pleased to report that our relationship with BlueGrace over the past eighteen months achieved the most important objective we originally established in 2014. BlueGrace’s advanced approach to logistics as our 3PL partner reversed the unfavorable trend in declining freight margins that we had experienced in 2012 and 2013. While we have realized a number of other significant benefits in the relationship gaining control of our escalating freight costs has been a resounding success and literally matched the targeted 12% savings that was forecasted. We look forward to a long-term partnership and hope to continue to reap incremental benefits by tapping into BlueGrace’s expertise.”

- David, President

“BlueGrace Logistics is such a pleasure to work with. Because of the size and complexity of our account we have dedicated customer support reps we work with daily.  This keeps us from having to chase down contacts when questions arise and best of all, they know our account and are able to help us faster than a typical provider.  Internally they have several documented processes, designed specifically for us, that ensure their staff is always trained and up to speed on our companies needs. The staff at BlueGrace is fun, customer friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are receiving the care we deserve.”

- Sharon, Shipping Manager

“BlueGrace Logistics has really helped my company reduce our overall freight costs.  It is important to stay competitive in our industry and that our freight arrives to customers in a timely manner and in one piece.  BlueGrace has helped us streamline our processes by utilizing technology and integrations that reduce manual labor.  They have provided new carriers in our portfolio that have saved us on our freight costs and provide the quality service we were looking for.  Our partnership is clear and continues to develop during our quarterly reviews as we discuss our KPI’s and measure the success.”

- Daniel, CFO

“When partnering with a 3PL provider it is important to have a relationship that develops and evolves around the demands within our own vertical market and the transportation industry itself.  With BlueGrace we meet on a quarterly basis to discuss industry trends, changes in the market and future technology innovations.  At the inception of our relationship we discussed the most important KPI’s to our business.  We discussed the metrics we will use to measure the success of our relationship. If there are any trends not meeting the standards we have agreed upon, we have preventative plans to help revive the goals we are looking for.  The BlueGrace advanced approach to 3PL creates a long-term partnership with us and the provider, a scenario that most companies always hope to have.”

- David, CEO

“BlueGrace Logistics has provided us with the tools needed to identify, customize, analyze and enhance our customer’s delivery and post delivery service experience. Combined with least-cost carrier analysis and BlueShip TMS technology access to booking and tracking shipments, we have created a solid bridge to better managing our overall transportation needs.”

- Lauren, Export Sales Lead
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