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When you look for a Truckload partner with nationwide capacity and competitive rates, look to BlueGrace® Logistics. Not only do you have access to truckload experts, but your loads are handled with what we like to call 3PLTLC , our amazing customer support. Our team of freight experts has strong relationships with our vast network of the nation’s leading truckload carriers providing highly competitive rates. Stop quoting and monitoring truckload shipments on your own and start simplifying your freight with our innovative and industry leading technology and support.

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Full truckloads are typically freight shipments that can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. and up to 53ft of space. Full truckload shipments usually travel as the only shipment on a trailer and are delivered on the same trailer that picks them up. The proper selection of the right carriers on their best lanes can maximize hard and soft cost savings. Truckload can be complex and we are here to help you simplify your business.

As an industry leader in truckload freight, BlueGrace has built our technology and support systems to better fit the specific needs of the truckload shipper. Your truckload customer support team utilizes the most effective carriers and modes for all types of businesses. Our BlueShip software is free to use when you ship with us and allows you to track and control invoicing of your truckload shipments, while having access to the best nationwide carrier network and rates.


When you work with BlueGrace, you have access to our diverse portfolio of carriers with many types of available equipment for any load. For more details on any type of equipment, click below.

A simple, enclosed non-climate controlled rectangular trailer that carries general cargo that does not require refrigeration. Usually loaded/unloaded through the rear doors.
An insulated, climate controlled and refrigerated rectangular trailer used to carry perishable items such as food and medical supplies.
A flat trailer with no enclosure or doors. Can be loaded/unloaded from the sides or above, and does not require elevated access for forklifts.
The ability to carry a load that exceeds the per-axle limits, but not the overall weight limits. Examples include construction equipment, pre-built homes, containers and other large industrial equipment.
A single trailer or container that encounters multiple forms of transportation along its route, such as truck/ship/rail.
Partial Content
Utilizing a tractor only to pick up a trailer without its own trailer.
The storage of a full trailer at a freight operation facility or the movement of the trailer from one tractor to another.


Gain access to our truckload experts today. They will ask the right questions and provide you with the best answers and carriers. Combined with our strong relationships with our network of the nation’s leading truckload carriers, highly competitive rates and technology, we can help streamline your freight.


The BlueGrace truckload carrier network is built on trust, effectiveness and consistency.

Customer Support

The truckload customer support team is always ready to help from quote to delivery.


BlueShip is yours to use, for free. Track truckload shipments and consolidate billing in one easy interface.


BlueGrace is an award-winning, full-service Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider that helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology with a large network of established carriers to customers across the country. Sure, lots of firms may claim that, but what really sets us apart is our passion to support your success in this complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry.


  • A massive carrier network, ready to handle your freight.
  • Use of BlueShip to capture your data, improve operational efficiency, consolidate shipment invoicing and provide real-time visibility.
  • Our team focuses on procuring and vetting carriers, we only partner with the best.
  • We know where the trucks are and where they are going to be so we can provide capacity effectively and drive down costs.
  • Truckload is a manual process, but it’s transparent to you. You provide the order and we deliver.
  • Compile new business intelligence with every load through our system, producing data specific for your custom KPI’s.
  • Proactive, thorough and complete tracking of all freight.

Other Freight Services


Our strong relationships with the nation’s leading LTL carriers, allows us to pass our LTL rates to our customers. Simplify your LTL freight shipping process even more with our amazing support and free quoting.

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With over 300 pre-screened expedite carriers with over 10,000 pieces of equipment, all with Macropoint real-time tracking, BlueGrace can meet the most demanding pickup and delivery times.

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Transportation Management

Are you looking to optimize your total freight network and supply chain? We offer data analysis of your current shipping costs and processes and can offer better alternatives to help reduce overall costs.

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