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Blue-Grace Logistics LLC
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EnergyThat Enriches

A one-of-a-kind culture

You can’t fake culture. Either an organization has an authentic, energizing essence, or it doesn’t. Since day one, our distinctive culture has grown, strengthened, and flourished thanks to BlueGrace’s 5 Core Values. Our caring, compassionate support of charities and each other stems from that.  The fun we have around the kegs at Free Beer Fridays comes from that. Even the outrageous goals we set and our staggering feats of success are a result of that. People genuinely love coming into work at BlueGrace because our vibrant culture inspires creativity and collaboration. Whether we’re huddling up for team meetings, banging the gong to announce big wins, or going all-out for another epic Halloween party, we’re driven by the passion of an unmistakable, totally unique culture.

Take a look at what makes our culture

So Special.

Always evolving. Always improving.

As BlueGrace’s staff grows by leaps and bounds, it’s more important than ever that our culture grows and evolves as well. New employees are encouraged to share their own ideas for taking things up a notch. By embracing the diverse interests and skills of our eclectic team, we continue to have a culture you can’t find anywhere else, where hard work and good fun mesh perfectly.

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The culture is great! I look forward to coming to work every day.
Customer Support
Everyone has a voice and a role to play in the growth of this company.
BG Freight
BlueGrace gives you the best opportunity to succeed everyday and it truly shows.
BG Chicago
This company is never lacking when it comes to motivation.
Sales Manager
BlueGrace is definitely the place if you are looking for a career, not just a job.
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